Saic Overseas Strength

Strength of Saic Overseas

Saic Overseas is a sister concern of Saic Group. Saic Group works with the Skills Development Training in different Sector so it’s a great opportunity to meet the demand of Employer. The Skills development training is continues process of Saic group where almost 4500 Nos of trainers graduate in every year in different formal & Non-formal sector. The major Activity of Saic group is:

National & International Job Placement

National & International Job Placement (NIJP) Department of Saic Group directing & coordinating the NIJP Team of Saic Overseas. Job Placement & Linkage is a strong role of NIJP Team. The main objective of this NIJP Team is to develop and enhance linkage and create job placement opportunity. The specific objectives of National & International Job Placement (NIJP are:

  • Make Strategy of National & International Job Placement (NIJP) and Linkage
  • To create  promising  career opportunities for     target group of Saic Overseas in different Countries in the whole world
  • To provided Safe migration training, carrier counseling and contribute
  • To enhance the soft skill of migrant worker for overseas
  • To ensure MOU with different organization and different trade for overseas employment with Others Countries Government or Privet
  • To invite industrial people for suggestion about institutional Capacity
  • Make strategy for more and more overseas employment demand from different countries etc.
Skills Training & Education

SAIC Group Directing the Skills Training and Education in Formal & Non-Formal Sector; the sectors are:

Formal Sector
Diploma-in-Engineering B.Sc./Diploma-in-Medical Technology B.Sc. in Bio Science
1. Computer Science
2. Architecture
3. Mechanical
4. Electrical
5. Civil
6. Automobile
7. Marine & Shipbuilding
8. Electronics
9. Textile & Garments
10. Telecommunication
1. B.Sc. in Physiotherapy
2. B.Sc. in Laboratory medicine
3. B.Sc. in Nursing (Basic)
4. B.Sc. in Nursing (Post Basic)
1. B.Sc in Agriculture
2. B.Sc in Microbiology
3. B.Sc in Fisheries
4. B.Sc in  Food & Nutritation Science
1. Diploma in Pathology
2. Diploma in Dental
3. Diploma in Nursing
4. Diploma in Physiotherapy
5. Diploma in Radiology
6. Diploma in Pharmacy
7. Nursing Science and Midwifery
8. MATS (Medical Assistant Training School)
Non-Formal Sector
Agro food Processing Sector Baking ( Bread and Biscuit ), Chanachur & Jhuri Processing
IT Sector Graphic Design, Web Design, IT Support Technician, Computer Operation
Transport Equipment Sector Electrical Installation & Maintenance,    Refrigeration & Air-conditioning, Welding, Machine Shop Practice,
Informal Sector Tailoring and Dress Making, Block Batik and Screen Printing, Beauty Care, Mobile Phone Servicing , Care giving, Embroidery,
Interior Design
RMG Sector Sewing Machine Operation, Circular Knitting Machine Operation,
Sewing Machine Operation (Woven), Sewing Machine Operation (Denim)
Light Engineering Sector Auto CAD, CNC Machine Operation, Solid Works & Master CAM, Machinist, Consumer Electronics
Tourism & Hospitality Sector Food and Beverage Servicing, Tour Guiding, House Keeping, Front Desk Management
Construction Sector Plumbing, Fabrication, Supervisor, Tile Ship Works, Masonry, Rod Binding, Fabrication, Mechanical Fitter, Aluminum Mid-Level
Health Care & Medical Paramedical, Pathology, Dental, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Radiology, Pharmacy, Ultrasound – CMU
Monitoring, Research & Development

The Chairman, Managing Director & Advisor of Saic Group are directly involved with Monitoring, Research & Development Team. Saic Overseas Monitoring Research & Development team work with closely with different strategy and policy and demand of overseas employment in different categories. Actually the main objective of monitoring & evaluation is to achieve the development and achievement of organizational development goals. And the specify objective of monitoring Research & Development:

  • It provide the only consolidated source of information showcasing progress
  • It allows actors to learn from each other’s experiences, building on expertise and knowledge
  • It often generates (Written) reports that contribute to transparency and accountability, and allows for lessons to be shared more easily
  • It reveals mistakes and offers paths for learning and improvements
  • It provides a basis for questioning and testing
  • It provides a means for agencies seeking to learn from their experiences and to incorporate them into policy and practice
  • It provides a way and decision
  • It adds to the retention and development of institutional
  • It provides a more robust basis for raising funds man influencing
Woman’s rights and advocacy Team

Managing Director of SAIC Group coordinating the woman rights and advocacy team. The main purpose of the team is woman empowerment and awareness buildup about Safety & decent work environment for woman. And discuss with clients about woman advocacy and rights when agreement signing about overseas employment. The major issues of woman’s right & advocacy are:

  • To provide decent work environment for woman’s & girls
  • To aware the woman’s about sexual harassment
  • To arrange the training about gender priority
  • To arrange Woman’s right workshop & different activity of Woman’s Girl’s
  • Discuss about important 8 Nos of Point (Raise your voice, Support one another, Share the workload, Get involved Educate the next generation Know your rights join the conversation Give to the cause)

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